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    Mobile apps form fresh developers that you’ll find hard to let down: We introduces challenging and adventurous apps filled with fun, tasks and action. Get the most out of your mobile device and start playing games full of great ideas.


    Digital learning is not only perfect based on the availability of data and information, but the innovative apps we offer can help you grow your knowledge and expertise in a fun way. Find out what’s the state of the art in learning apps.


    How do you find trustworthy news sources that actually reflect your interests and the news that really matters to you? We show you which news applications take a new approach at keeping you up to date with what you need to know.


    Digital apps can be magic tools when you work, calculate, paint, construct or model things. Discover how these mobile applications can boost your productivity in work life and while relaxing. Get a help from your mobile device.


    If you want to introduce your kids to great, child-safe digital innovations, have them enjoy a few minutes of fun and perhaps have a moment of quiet for yourself, we have the right ideas. Check out these new apps for children.

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    We love apps. That is why we think it‘s a shame that only a tiny fraction of all these apps that are developed each day ever reach a real audience. Since we believe that quality should have a fair chance no matter how big the marketing budget of a developer, we have developed this app.

    It‘s a free magazine that chooses from all the content that comes out each day and reviews the undiscovered programs that only few people have ever heard of. We‘re proud of our hand-picked approach and love to include the input from keen users. Get in touch with us if you would like to offer your thoughts or collaborate with us.